Temporary Power Solutions for Construction Sites

Temp-Power rents temporary power equipment for construction sites in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

If you need to run a construction trailer or an entire building, Temp-Power has been there. Our fleet consists of trailer-mounted and portable generators from 3000 to 500,000 watts. They offer quiet power and excellent dependability, making them ideal for any job site. We also carry various cables, temporary panels, A/C units, heaters, light towers, light balloons, and currently expanding onsite fuel deliveries in propane and diesel fuel. We offer various fueling options for the diesel generators that we rent in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC primarily. Give us a ring if you have any questions or don’t really know where to start: 703-330-3663.

Power ConsiderationsPower Considerations

Many rental companies will rent you whatever size generator you may ask for without asking you the important questions. The result is over or under sizing the generator for your job, which could end up costing you more than it should for rental fees and fuel. Since Temp-Power specializes in generators, we’ll make sure we provide you with an optimally sized generator, because we understand your application and the loads each generator can handle.

Useful Information

Temp-Power provides temporary power for a variety of clients. These include home builders, commercial contractors, homeowners and the special event industry.

Things to Consider When Sizing & Placing Your Generator
  • What type of application and loads will the generator power?
  • Will the generator be used to start a motor?
  • What are the voltage and amperage requirements of your job? Mobile generators are typically multiple-voltage machines. They can be set up to run 480 volts or 208 volts three phase or 240/120 volts single phase.
  • What is the layout of your job? This helps us to properly place your generator and avoid excessive cable length, saving you money and reducing safety hazards.
  • What is the run time on your job site for the generator?
  • Do you need fuel service or a timer for programmed run times?
Undersizing Generators

It is also important not to undersize generators. Generators are undersized when the power requirements of a job are greater than the rated capacity of the machine. When undersized the generator will shut down or trip the circuit breaker. If it pulls too much horsepower from the engine to the point where the engine speed slows, the voltage and frequency output may become unstable, which can damage the equipment you have connected to the generator.

Oversizing Generators

When a generator is the right size for a job, it performs better. The optimum power to pull from a generator is 70 to 90% of the machine’s rated capacity. When less than 50% of the rated capacity is used from the generator, the generator has been oversized. This can cause the machine to wet stack. If the engine wet stacks, it is not able to produce the necessary horsepower for the generator to reach its rated capacity. This could result in the generator having to be removed from the job and replaced.

We are dealers for the following equipment
  • Doosan Generators and Light Towers
  • MMD Generators
  • Multiquip Generators
  • Trystar Cable
  • Dri-Eaze Heaters
Service and Repair Advantage

We offer service and repair on most makes of generators, large and small.

Temp-Power strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction